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College term paper help - Q & A
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How can I use this site to find examples
of term papers to cite in my own?

This website is incredibly easy to use! Simply enter one or more words relevant to your term paper topic in the "Find!" box above. Within seconds, you'll be staring at a list of available research papers you can download and cite in your own term paper as bonafide sources!

How quickly will the paper(s) I select arrive?
ANY paper you select from our database is available for SAME DAY DELIVERY via your choice of email or fax! Federal Express is also available as a third, less speedy alternative.

Can I preview a paper before ordering it? 
You most certainly can! We believe in corporate integrity just as much as we do academic integrity and, as a result, we're committed to standing behind our products & services and.... even allowing our customers to preview one full page from ANY of our papers at NO charge! Just email us the .wps file name(s) of the particular paper(s) you'd like to preview and, within just a few hours, we'll email you back an excerpt from the introductory section(s) of that/those same paper(s)!

What if I can't find anything relevant to my topic?!?!
Even though our database features more than 30,000 titles, it's still quite possible that you wont be able to find anything pertinent to your particular area of study. But if such is the case, don't fret! Have us write a NEW paper instead! Our team of talented contractors would be glad to add another paper to the database based on any topic YOU provide. Customized assistance is the ultimate form of distance tutoring... anything you want to know...anytime of the day or night.. presented to you in tutorial paper form... It's fast and it's easy.. click the "custom" button for more info!!!...

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